Schools are places where children go to learn, however it seems as if many students are leaving schools without many necessary skills in life. Some of the major skills by Logan LaPlante in his TED Talk include exercise, diet and nutrition, time in nature, contribution and service, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress, and religious and spirituality. Logan LaPlante describes these skills as being important for overall happiness in life.  As a college student who has had experience with tons of other students, I can see that there is an evident lack of some of these skills. Incorporating make, hack, and play in education can help students fill in the holes in their traditional educations.

Best/worst idea

In Bud Hunt’s blog, there were a lot of interesting topics in his article. When I first read his post, I was worried it would be about camera lenses. As I progressed in his post, I realized the true value in his blog. Making learning more play is probably the best idea Bud Hunt had provided. Students would be more motivated if they were able to turn aspects of their education into play. Growing up, I would have taken study mathematics more seriously if I had viewed learning the multiplication table as a game verse a chore. Making the multiplication table into a game is an easy example of how one can make learning into play. In Bud Hunt’s blog I really wished he would have given some examples of playing. Bud Hunt’s post failed to find anything he talked about to be a bad idea, however I did not like the way he introduced advocacy. Advocacy is a major component to life learning, and Bud could have talked more about its importance in learning.

In Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk, there were many great, great ideas provided. I was surprised at the excellence of his speech skills at such a young age. He used multiple sources for his data, and his own personal experience to help promote the idea of hacking school. The fact that he was able to convey he was just like any other kid, while showing that he used his opportunities to have a more inclusive education was amazing. The one thing I did not like about Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk was how little interest he showed for Young Chautauqua. Young Chautauqua is a program were youth study a figure in history and answer questions about their personal life and such. If Logan LaPLante wasn’t as interested in this program he could have used it as an example of trying new things to figure out what your truly interested in.

The article by Bud Hunt and Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk had a lot to provide. They talked about hacking school and other ways to have a more inclusive education, and they emphasized on the need for a more inclusive education. out of the two, Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk was more engaging, and I like how it showed a students view of a more inclusive education verses an adults view. 8419793921_fe4e8ccc89_z

“TEDx University of Nevada, Alixzandra Collaro, Logan LaPlante” by Bret Simmons published on flickr.


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