Digital Literacy: Experiences with Piktochart

Digital Literacy: Experience with PiktoChart

This week I experimented with Piktochart. Piktochart is a graphic/visual designing website which basic functions can be accessed for free.

As a future educator and possible club advisor, I can see real value in piktochart. Piktochart could be a tool for me to advertise tutoring, club meetings, information to my class on testable materials, as possible projects for assessments, and community events.


When a person accesses piktochart, they will be provided with a home screen that has a start for free option. Next, it will give you the option to either enter your personal information or log in through Facebook. Logging in through Facebook was an easy way to log into piktochart and I was able to start creating right away.

After logging in, one will find a template list. Templates can represent different forms of  visuals, like a road map or thinking web. The template I choose was the create your own infographic template.

After choosing a template, one can add images, text boxes, change their background, charts, maps, and videos. When starting piktochart, I was really glad to be able to watch an informational tutorial on how to work piktochart.


For my Piktochart project, I decided to get a jumpstart on my Independent learning project. In my family squashes are a common type of food during summer and fall months, so I created a Piktochart graphic to explain summer squashes, winter squashes, and one focus squash.

My Piktochart: ILP Squashes

Information Challenge

For my infographic I had troubles knowing exactly where to start. So I decided to choose a theme from my ILP. Since it was fall, and a lot of my ILPs were side dishes, I decided to stick to the themes and incorporate squashes.

Publication Challenge

When I was ready and finished with my infographic, I was expecting a big publication challenge. In the top right corner there was a share option, a save option, and a download option. I choose all three options before blogging, and they were all realitively easy to do.

The down loading option was a little different for me. Most websites I have visited allowed me to save my information in the form of a pdf, however piktochart only allowed me the PNG option. Although I did not notice the difference, someone else might really appreciate the ability to save in pdf form. To do this, they would have to upgrade their piktochart account.


Overall the value in piktochart can be immense depending on what your doing. I view piktochart as valuable to those who want to make posters, and information flyers of sorts.  Piktochart does have video options and printable options, however I would only prefer and advice piktochart for its printable infographics.





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